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Purpose of photography

Why do I photograph? What attracts me in photography? Do I want to capture the most beautiful image there can be? Do I want fame & fortune? Do I want to be admired?

I’ve been attracted to photography from my pre-teen years, and I haven’t completely figured out why that is. Why do I love to take camera in front of me? Why my brain rewards me of doing so?

I’ve always felt the uniqueness of the certain moments. I just get a gut feeling when things are sparkling. I sense the special moment. I cannot watch the moment without camera. If I don’t have camera in reach I regret it. It feels like I lost something really valuable forever.

I’ve never admired “perfect” photographs. I wouldn’t care less about the technical quality of my photograp. As I’ve been lost of the purpose of photography, I’ve believed for short times it is so. But somehow I just know it isn’t my purpose for photography. Super beautiful and technically correct photos feel like they are completely different game – and don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to put them down here.

I’m not trying to stop time or just save memories. I don’t feel like have longing to yesterday or past – any more stronger than anyone else has. For sure I like memories – but not in that sense that it would drive my photography.

I get almost emotional when I’ve captured something precicious. I still get this iching feeling inside from photos that I’ve taken maybe 20-30 years ago. Those just feel so good. Fleeting moments that I’ve managed to capture. I still cannot understand why I get that and why.

I photograph because I would be unhappy if I didn’t.

I photograph because I photograph. There doesn’t need to be any spoken or written reason.

Note to self; do not ever stop photographing. Do not look for reason. Do not try to make any sort of goal or purpose for it. Please follow your passion, your gut feeling and subconciousness. Do what your brains tells you to do and nothing else. Do not let external factors guide you.

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